Dock Leveler Repair at Greene's Overhead Doors Inc

If you have a loading dock leveler which needs to be repaired, stop putting it off for another day. A faulty dock leveler impacts your company's productivity and profitability. Choose Greene's Overhead Doors Inc’s dock leveler repair and installation service which can stand up to the rigors of everyday heavy lifting.

Our company goal is to make every customer’s loading dock operations run as efficient as possible, which is why we also offer dock bumper repair and installation. Dock bumpers are maintenance free, come in different sizes, and are made of different materials which offer protection against impact from a trailer backing into the dock sill. If your company handles low or high traffic applications, we can install the perfect dock leveler and bumper for you. Our highly trained service technicians work daily on docks and there are no brands which they are not familiar with.

Greene's Overhead Doors Inc is ready to help when you have a dock leveler installation or bumper service need for your loading dock. If you’re moving to a new facility or making upgrades to your existing location in Charlotte, NC, our dock leveler and dock bumper installation products can help you meet any short and long-term company goals.


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